Closely Lifetime Deal (LTD) Software Review!

Caution: Try to avoid FOMO, buy only if you really need it.

  • Closely is a cold outreach platform that combines LinkedIn and email automation with B2B database
  • Cloud-based LinkedIn automation with a dedicated proxy (included)
  • Integrate with Outlook and Gmail to send outbound email sequences
  • Organize your sales funnel via unified inbox with conversation tagging
  • Reveal email contacts to use with Closely or third-party tools of your choice

Find e-mail and Linkedin contacts, send connection requests and follow-up with your Linkedin prospects automatically.

Closely is a cloud-based lead engagement platform for LinkedIn and Email outreach with integrated B2B contacts database, email verification tool and Linkedin CRM.

Monitor your Linkedin discussions, segment your audience and launch Linkedin / Email campaigns from the same dashboard.

Best suited for Marketing agencies, Recruiters, Sales managers

Integrations: Chrome, LinkedIn

Let’s see the features that can attract you in a while….

Launch automated Linkedin campaigns to increase your network or nurture existing connections. Import potential leads from:

  • CSV file (with custom variables)
  • Linkedin Search
  • Sales Navigator Search
  • Group or Event members
  • Profiles that engaged with a specific post

Personalize your campaigns by adding:

  • Custom connection message
  • Follow-up messages
  • Engagement actions (View profile, Like Post, Endorse Skills)

Each seat includes a dedicated residential proxy. You may re-assign Linkedin accounts to this seat any time.

Launch email campaigns with Closely in three simple steps:

  • Connect your Gmail or Outlook account
  • Import your audience and map the variables
  • Craft your sequence and start the campaign.

Supports :

  • Custom sending schedule
  • Time delays
  • Use of variables in subject line and text. Import whole paragraphs from personalization tools like Quicklines and put them into email body
  • Opens and clicks tracking using your own domain

Re-assign email accounts to the same seat any time.

Struggling with finding the right audience? Export contacts from our database of 100M+ contacts, including Linkedin profile URLs, emails, phone numbers and socials. Export once and launch Linkedin campaigns and email campaigns at the same time using one file!

Verify your Lead Finder exports to ensure the highest possible deliverability rate.

  • 1500 lead finder credits per month
  • Access to 130M+ B2B contacts with free email verification
  • Export contacts directly from prospect’s LinkedIn profile
  • LinkedIn network: manage your existing LinkedIn connections
  • LinkedIn network: filter and export your connections
  • LinkedIn inbox: monitor, manage, and tag your LinkedIn conversations from Closely
  • LinkedIn inbox: get additional contact info from the conversation screen
  • Stack 1 additional code:
  • 3000 explorer credits per month
  • 1 LinkedIn automation seat + 1 email seat
  • Auto-import audience from group members, event attendees, or users that engage with a specific post
  • Campaign analytics and reporting
  • Built-in templates and variables
  • Connect Gmail or Outlook mail accounts
  • Use custom variables in the subject line and messages
  • Custom email sequences and performance analytics
  • Custom tracking domains
  • No sending limits (Gmail and Outlook limits apply)
  • Each additional code unlocks 1500 additional explorer credits per month
  • Every two codes unlocks 1 additional LinkedIn automation seat and 1 additional email seat

Happy Marketing!

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